Well Wishes

23/08/2021 | By Rev. Lamjingshai O Garod

“One important decision ever made is to study in this school. All those nostalgic memories are worth cherishing especially the acceptance, care, love and support received during those days. The significant strength of this learning community solely depends on its calling beyond books and desk. The distinctiveness of this school is visible in its ability to inculcate a wholistic approach, an integrative efforts and life transforming pedagogy. I am personally indebted to all the highly capable and influential teachers, the management and fellow learners which serves as a family. Undoubtedly, KJP Synod Mihngi Hr. Sec School has educated and envisions my responsibility towards the Church and Society. My earnest prayer and best wishes that the school will fly from glory to glory with the God given light that may shine through and through.”

Rev. Lamjingshai O Garod