The following Rules & Regulations / Code should also be adhered to:
• Studentsare not allowed to bring objectionable books, periodical newspaper etc. to the school.
• Students must respect institutional property. All students should maintain cleanliness inside the classrooms and within the campus. Fines will be imposed on students causing damage to School property.
• Students are warned not to be careless about theirpersonal belonging i.e. Money, books, umbrella etc. but to beresponsible for their safe custody.
• Students are warned not to pilfer or steal anything belonging to others.
• Students should come to school with polished shoes, tidy ironed dress, and properly knotted tie with school badge.
• Hair should be cut appropriately, combed and tidy.
• Students are not allowed to wear fancy earrings, finger rings,bangles, etc.
• Boys should wear their pants properly, the waist level.
• Pants should be with two pleats and the bottom hem shouldnot be less than 15 inches. No jeans style is allowed.
• Boys should tug in their shirt properly.
• Girls should dress their hair into two parts using whiteribbon. Girls with short hair should cut it properly with no fancy hair style.
• Girls should wear their frock at the knee level.
• Girls should not apply lip stick, nail polishes, kajal or any makeup while they are in the school uniform.
• Communal harmony is to be preserved. Every student should behave in a discipline manner both in words and actions.
• No student is allowed to bring mobile phones to school.
• Students are not allowed to chew chewing gums, betel nuts or any other tobacco products inside the school campus, smoking, taking alcohol or any intoxicating drinks inside the school campus will be punished and is liable to be expelled from the school.
• Students shall maintain discipline inside the School Campus. Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind towards the teaching and non-teaching staff and fellow students will not be tolerated at any cost.
• Students cannot take part in any outside activities under the name of the school, without prior permission from Principal.
• Students should be ready to participate in different co-curricular activities conducted by the school and to represent the school whenever required.
• No students is allowed to be absent from the second session of the school without proper permission from the Principal / Vice-Principal. Application should be submitted in case of emergency.
• Students must read the School Notice Board regularly.Ignorance of any notification will not be accepted as an excuse for not performing the required activity.


Besides their studies, students are encouraged to take part in games and sports. The school organises the Annual Sports Meet every year. With a view to assisting students in self-discovery and development, students are encouraged to take part in various co-curricular activities organised by the school.


The School Uniform consists of off-white shirt, khaki trousers, black sweater striped khaki, black blazer, off-white sock striped khaki black, khaki frock, black & white necktie, badges, black shoe, and school belts for girls, no other dress than the uniform is permitted in the school.


• The Institution is free from ragging. The school has an Anti-Ragging Cell comprising of Principal, Vice-Principal and Senior Lecturers.
• Anyone found guilty of ragging in any form (physical, verbal and mental) is liable to be expelled.
• Admission may be refused if the applicant is found to have indulged in ragging in the past and if it is noticed later that he / she has indulged in ragging he / she shall be expelled from the school.


• No pupil will be allowed to sit for any of the Terminal Examination unless he / she has paid the prescribed Examination Fees.
• No pupil will be exempted from appearing in any of the Terminal Examination unless prevented to do so by illness in which case a Medical Certificate must be produced or by extremely unavoidable circumstances in which proper information and application should be submitted.
• The conduct and progress of the pupil will be given in the Progress Report. Parents / Guardian of the pupils are requested to study the report carefully and affix their signature on it.
• The Result of the Terminal Examination will be taken into considerations for promotion of the pupil from one class to another.
• Promotion is decided by the Teachers of the school at a staff meeting. No appeals will be considered after announcement of the result.
• Anyone found using unfair means during examination will be debarred from further appearing in the Examination. He / She will be declared to have failed and may even expelled from the school.
• A student who is absent in Selection Test without a prior information will be treated as failed and will not be allowed to sit in the Final Examination.
• Dates for Annual Promotion and Selection Tests will be notified in due time.


• Students are required to have a minimum of 85% attendance.
• Students whose attendance is less than 85% will not be allowed to appear the Selection Test and Final Examination.
• Any student who is absent continuously for 15 (fifteen) days without prior intimation will have his / her name struck off from the register


On admission, students should collect the Registration Form from the School Office on the date notified by the school for registration of their names to MBOSE. This is compulsory for all students admitted into Class-IX (Secondary) & Class-XI (Higher Secondary). The school authority will not be responsible for any lapse on the part of the students in this regard.


• Students are to fill and submit their forms for the Final Examination within the date notified by the school for the purpose.
• The school reserve the right to refuse entertainment of the same after the due date has elapsed.

The above rules and regulations are subjected to improvement if the need arises.